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BCS SYSTEM AG, Schwäntenmos 15, CH-8126 Zumikon
Telefon +41 44 548 34 34
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BCS System AG, Video Pipe and Drain Inspection Systems - Company

BCS SYSTEM AG, based in Zumikon, was founded by it's current owner in 1975.

The company is the leading and oldest-established Swiss producer of CCTV video inspection systems for pipes and drains.

BCS Video Inspection Systems, equipped with cameras of 24mm in diameter, for the inspection of the smallest pipes and drains, to cameras - mounted on a waterproof, self-powered, electric motorized chassis - for pipes up to 1250mm in diameter, are manufactured in our own workshop in small production quantities. The engineering approach and prototypes are developed by BCS SYSTEM AG, while the production of individual components is carried out by selected sub-contractor organizations. Final functionality and quality tests, as well as the final assembly and activation of the finished inspection system are tasks carried out by ourselves, essential for the operational safety of the systems.


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